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Missing Him (Hana Kimi, Izumi/Mizuki, #4) 
14th-Nov-2008 08:25 pm
stating the obvious
Title: Missing Him
Author: Faewend
Pairing: Izumi Sano x Mizuki Ashiya
Fandom: Hana Kimi
Theme: #4, Our distance and that person

Disclaimer: All rights belong to Hisaya Nakajo and Viz. No profit is being made from this fanwork.

One of the things that surprised Mizuki the most in the months since leaving Osaka Gakuen was how homesick she was at first. In the almost two years she spent in that dorm room, it had become her home.

‘Or perhaps it’s not the room I miss,’ she thought.

Although the distance between them had increased, Mizuki never wavered in her love for that person. Izumi Sano, who she had chased all the way across the Pacific to Japan, had become the center of her universe.

Mizuki didn’t feel “lost” without him, but she definitely felt lonely. Even now, a year after she had left Japan, she missed him every day. She missed rooting him on at track meets. She missed cheering him up when he was down. She missed sometimes accidentally waking up in the mornings in his bed. She missed sharing meals, classes, jokes...kisses....

Savoring the memory of their first real kiss and his confession of love that had come in the weeks before she left for the U.S., Mizuki smiled. She smiled even wider as she remembered his whispered promise as she left the school grounds for her plane home.

“This time I’ll come to see you.”

“I’m still waiting, Sano!” she laughed to herself. “You’d better hurry up and get here!”
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